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To trace the origins, we must go back to July of 1998, the year of creation of the individual conducting family, that after 11 years, will lead to the birth of ErreBi cablaggi Ltd. in July 2009.
The decision to start this new adventure is dictated by the passion that owners have in making this work, a strong experience of five years as employees in this sector, but also by a strong desire for growth with the dream of creating a company respected internationally and face of the service and the quality of its strengths.
Since the early years, the company invests in equipment with the latest technology, having a steady growth and established itself among the most reliable manufacturer of electrical wiring of the entire national territory, expanding month after month the customer base and retaining more and more old customers, acquiring competence, and becoming a real reference in the field.
after just two years of his birth, to give a greater service / customer support, the company decided to specialize in assembling mechanical structuring lines for assembly of mechanical parts and starting to provide in addition to wiring, semi-wired,  even finished and tested.
In the early months of 2002, thanks to strong growth, the company feels the need to take another step forward to achieve a greater degree of reliability starting from its own internal process, and that's how the idea of acquiring the ISO 9001, which it will be pursued immediately and obtained in January 2003.
In 2004 the company looks out for the first time in the field of control panels, thanks to some customers, who for their needs, require further development, and that's how it began manufacturing the first panels on the machine. But the real breakthrough in this area, will take place in 2009 with the birth of ErreBi cablaggi srl, who will decide more