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Electrical wiring and more: discover all our equipment suppliedazione

01 September 2016
Among the equipment always in the process of improvement and innovation we can list:
  • assembly lines equipped for specific processes;
  • processing functions for pre-assembly components;
  • Special automatic machines for cutting, stripping, sgauinatura cables of sections 0.08 up to 300 mm²;
  • Automated machine for rolling the cables automatically;
  • A marker in automatic hot for the identification of the cable;
  • Marking to Ink Jet automatic for cable identification;
  • Hot marking manual for cable identification;
  • Cable cutting for cutting in automatic Flat cable sheaths;
  • Pneumatic presses for crimping terminals and lugs;
  • Hydraulic presses for crimping terminals and lugs;
  • electro-hydraulic pump with electric motor for crimping terminals and lugs;
  • Special automatic machines for crimping end sleeves to insulated tube;
  • Resistence welders and ultrasonic welding wire (or spot welders) from 16 to 25 KVA pneumatically operated;
  • bench machines for unsheath and stripping automatically;
  • by automatic bench machines for stripping and twisting the cable;
  • Machines for banding of cables automatically;
  • automatic taping machine
  • Crimping bench press machines;
  • Dynamometers for terminal sealing checks with automatic printout of test data;
  • Semi-automatic bench presses for crimping IDC connectors for flat cables;
  • Welders counter pond with digital temperature control and automatic feeding of the pond;
  • Crucibles for tinning of cables with digital temperature regulation;
  • Marking Systems Thermal Transfer continuous-form;
  • Systems of labeling thermal transfer to automatic cart for wiring;
  • test systems for cables, wiring and electrical panels.
  • Own means of transportation for delivery of the goods;